Waterfall of grace
Socrates Geens, Grace
90 x 115 cm

one late evening
heaven called out loud my name
whereupon I left my dwelling
to ascend the highest mountain

at first the path was waymarked wide
but soon it narrowed after every turn
later snow met rocks, disclosing nothing
but the footsteps of this seeker

here and there a full moon glimmer
broke through the cracked clouds
granting trust to clamber on

arriving at the summit
kneeling on the virgin snow, I wondered
was I the stars really any nearer now?

exhausted, I, and the moutain too
dissolved in velvet darkness
to awaken
just a fragment of infinity later
by a mighty beam of radiant light

the force of gravity turned around
for every humble seeking step I ever took
now I was lifted up a million miles
into the glorious sky
by the celestial arms of benign Grace
Socrates Geens, Rain of blessing
Socrates Geens, Rain of blessings, detail

Rain of blessings

showered by the waterfall of Grace
the chakra wheels
are flooded with liquid light
they start whirling
around the luminous axis of the universe
with utter gratitude

Socrates Geens, Waterfall of grace
Rain of blessings
195 x 65 cm


Waterfall of grace

The heartland region of the sky
where the spirit bides
is radiant with a symphony of light.
There, where pure white music blossoms,
my Lord takes His delight.
With wondrous brilliance each part of Him
is brighter as a million stars.
On the shore there is a city
where the rain of nectar pours and pours
its sweetness never ceases.
Kabir speaks: come o humble seeker!
and see my great Lord's palace.

poem by the Indian mystic
Kabir (15th-16th century A.D.)

170 x 130 cm

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