Socrates Geens, Fragments of infinity-I
Socrates Geens, Fragments of infinity-II
Socrates Geens, Fragments of infinity-III
Socrates Geens, Fragments of infinity-IV
Socrates Geens, Fragments of Eternity I

This series of paintings belongs to the Om series.
Om is the bearer of the ultimate truth that all is one.
The Fragments of Infinity paintings are dedicated to the subject of infinity.

Our normal perception of space keeps us constrained in a tight concept of space through our limiting identifications.
In deep meditation or samadhi these constrictions dissolve and we are in the infinite now, we are (in) Om.

Fragments of infinity

Fragments of eternity I

This painting belongs to the Om series, and deals with the dimension of time.
Our normal perception of time keeps us constrained in a tight experience of time, which keeps us from being in the eternal now.

Einstein pointed out that we cannot define time without space. So I decided to use paper stripes with maps taken from an old atlas to create linear time lines. The Om points within the circular forms on the painting break through these horizontal time lines and unseal eternity.

60 x 150 cm
Fragments of eternity I 
Fragments of infinity I 
60 x 80 cm
Fragments of infinity II
60 x 80 cm
Fragments of infinity III
60 x 80 cm
Fragments of infinity IV
60 x 80 cm

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