Socrates Geens, Ocean and waves I

I am delighted to present this series, as the theme of “waves and ocean” can help getting a glimp of a spiritual truth. In our interaction with, and participation within the world, we tend to identify with ourselves as waves. Being in constant motion, we don’t get much opportunity to realize our deeper nature. When however, movements cease to be, the consciousness can free itself from limitations and be oceanic.
For most of the paintings belonging to this series I looked for a way to express wave patterns. After a lot of experimentation, I ended up with a unique technique of applying metal leaf, gold or palladium, to shape the bright foamy wave lines. Depending on the intensity and angle of the light illuminating the canvas, the waves will become alive and shiny or subdued.

we are both wave and ocean

movement of body and mind
constitute our wave aspect

in total silence
waves return to being the ocean

there never was a separation
waves are just too busy making a fuss to notice
Socrates Geens, Ocean and waves II
Socrates Geens, Seascape II
Socrates Geens, Seascape III
Socrates Geens, Seascape IV
Socrates Geens, Seascape V
Socrates Geens, Seascape VI
Ocean & waves I
45 x 180 cm
Ocean & waves II
35 x 100 cm
Seascape II
40 x 50 cm
Seascape III
40 x 55 cm
Seascape IV
45 x 60 cm
Seascape V
35 x 100 cm
Seascape VI
40 x 55 cm

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