Socrates Geens, Namaste I

I have chosen to create a series of paintings on the topic of "namaste",
because this greeting gesture, when understood rightly,
is such a profound expression of love and truth

in greeting others with "namaste",
we acknowledge their inner deepest nature,
which is one with our own infinite essence

to fully imbibe this salutation mudra with meaning and radiancy,
we need to discover the light in ourselves first

an open heart, however, is the starting point;
our "namaste" becomes a graceful gesture,
greeting another being
with respect and unconditional appreciation

may all of us be able to welcome one another with
Socrates Geens, Namaste II
Socrates Geens, Namaste III
Socrates Geens, Namaste IV
Namaste I
150 x 60 cm
Namaste II
60 x 80 cm
Namaste III
60 x 75 cm
Namaste IV
60 x 45 cm

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