Socrates Geens, Woman taking a bath
Socrates Geens, Gourishankar drift
Socrates Geens, Cosmonogy
socrates geens Journey to enlightenment
Socrates Geens, Portait of Satprem
Socrates Geens, Exotic breviary
Welcome to India
(the sword and the lotus)
120 x 100 cm
40 x 30 cm
Messenger from
the east
Three times seven
16 x 12,5 cm
16 x 12,5 cm
Mother and child
16 x 12,5 cm
Woman taking
a bath
80 x 60 cm
Sand dance
Socrates Geens, Cosmology
Socrates Geens, Tantric icon with Tilopa text
Socrates Geens, Buddha space 3x gatchami
Buddha space
(3 x gatchami's in
buddha hall)
125 x 160 cm
125 x 160 cm
Bo tree and
buddha feet
105 x 62 cm
The mirror beyond

70 x 55 cm
Full moon
90 x 63 cm
Socrates Geens, Full moon teerthankara
Tantric icon with
Tilopa text
195 x 155 cm
Exotic breviary
100 x 80 cm
90 x 60 cm
Frozen chase
130 x 100 cm
80 x 60 cm
Portrait of Satprem

Socrates Geens, Frozen chase
Journey to enlightenment ;-)
15,5 x 18,5 cm

This early work already shows all the main thematic aspects which will become essential in my later oeuvre: crystallisation through integration as well as the seven steps on the spiritual path culminating in enlightenment.
On the drawing on the right side we can recognise the outlines of a person. The sheriff star on his heart chakra and the Red Indian feathers on his head are an indication he has transformed and integrated all aspects of his inner energies. He is no longer bound by limiting identifications with just one side of the myriad inherent dual facets of Life.
He has brought into bloom all the seven chakra levels (symbolised by the seven flowers on the path) and has now reached a transcendental state. He even begins to levitate since no earthly bonds can keep his consciousness enslaved, just like the bird soaring freely in the sky.
His body and mind have taken on the colours of the sun and have become filled with light, as he has realised his true nature and oneness with supreme consciousness, symbolised by the benevolent sun in the left upper corner.

Journey to enlightenment ;-)

Socrates Geens, Bo tree and buddha feet
Socrates Geens, The mirror beyond
Socrates Geens, Intimate communication
Socrates Geens, Mother and child
Socrates Geens, Three times seven
Socrates Geens, Messenger from the east
Socrates Geens, Sand dance
Socrates Geens, Welcome to India, the sword and the lotus
120 x 125 cm
200 x 270 cm

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