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At the St. Luke's Institute of Fine Arts it soon became clear I was not overly gifted with the classical traits associated with Western artists. I struggled with nude drawings and did not feel attracted to landscape or still life painting. However I did have easy access to the world of colour and was very sensitive to its energetic impact, as well as its potential empowerment through composition.

During my years in India and my travels to Sri Lanka, Thailand, Nepal and Tibet I deepened my comprehension of colour and geometry and researched their correlations to symbolism and the archetypes in sacred art.
However, essentially, it was invariably the process of discovering myself which led to new and more profound understanding. As such my paintings all have a biographical component and it is interesting to look back at the different phases of my art work.
I have always had a keen interest in exploring different techniques, whether ancient or modern, or experimentally invented within the confines of my art studio.
I mainly use prime quality acrylic paints. Sadly the market has been flooded with low quality acrylic paint, discrediting the artistic potential when excellent pigments are suspended in the acrylic polymer emulsion without adding cheap fillers. I apply successive layers of paint, alternating translucent glazes with opaque elements. Through this layering a virtually immaterial depth is achieved, not unlike the ethereal colour intensity of stained glass windows, and the paintings become infused with a timeless, sacred glow.
In addition I repeatedly embed gold leaf, charcoal, Japanese paper or pigment. One of my favourites has been the integration of Indian embroideries as an enrichment for many of my works.

Most of the paintings are executed on Belgian portrait linen canvas but there are works on hardwood and handmade paper as well.
I have continued refining this unique and elaborate painting technique in order to offer glimpses of mankind's discoveries on its inner quest. This endeavour to convey the mysteries of existence has endured since ages and the results can be found in monasteries, temples, mystery schools and sacred places of the many different cultures all over the planet. This type of art was not just created to be aesthetically pleasing. It is frequently of a cosmological and cosmographical nature, notably including the divine essence of existence, and at the same time mapping out the inner realms of our own micro cosmos or aspects thereof. Such works of art have the potential to function like mirrors or doors reflecting and facilitating access to the various aspects of our own body-mind and layers of consciousness. As such they are significant tools and sign-posts on the spiritual path, as well as an inspiration for others to pursue their own quest. It is my wish to contribute to sacred art in an empowering and refreshing way.

I choose to call my artwork Sacred Gates. My paintings are invitations to enter our own hidden dimensions and explore the great mystery called Life so that we may discover and unfold our full potential. During this alchemical process, our love, compassion and awareness will keep expanding and increasingly transform this very earth into a lotus paradise.

thank you, india

artwork infused with the wisdom of india

a cup of butter tea

paintings inspired by tibetan mysticism

the kailash project

a triptych dedicated to mount kailash in tibet

the chakra path

a series of 7 chakra paintings complemented with haikus


glimpses of grace

the om series

explorations beyond the frontiers of the mind

sacred mirrors

artwork reflecting the flowering of our being


paintings with prayers from the heart


a vision of the unfoldment of man

the 3 granthis

the 3 knots as hindrances on the path


a recollection representing the evolution of my work

Socrates Geens, Atelier panorama

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