Socrates Geens, Sacred Mirror
Socrates Geens, Enlightenment
Socrates Geens, Discovering the forgotten buddha
Socrates Geens, Discovering the forgotten buddha
Socrates Geens, Discovering the forgotten buddha

This painting shows man in his completion.
All the chakras are flowering and their energies create a radiant aura.
As a sacred mirror it reflects our own potential.

The words written inside the upper sphere are the opening verses of the yoga sutras by Patanjali, the founder of yoga. A possible translation from the original Sanskrit text reads as follows:

Yoga is the cessation of movements in the consciousness.
Then, the seer dwells in his own true splendour.

Sacred mirror


On this painting we can discover three overlapping figures, depicting different dimensions of our being.
In the first red figure the root chakra is shown, in the second one the heart chakra, and in the third blue one the third eye chakra.

The circles which originate in these energy centers connect lower and higher chakra points.
The realisation of the seventh chakra does not allow for any limiting boundaries, but fills the lower chakras with light along a vertical energy axis.

Discovering the forgotten buddha

In the Tathagatagarbha sutra Buddha declares for the first time in his teachings that all of us inherently own the Buddha nature, timeless and invariable.
Most often we do not realize our Buddha nature because of wrong habits, the so-called kleshas. In the contemporary Buddhist traditions, the three kleshas of ignorance, attachment, and aversion are identified as the root or source of all other kleshas.
The original Tathagatagarbha text later became translated as a Chinese verse, which I put at the left side of the canvas.
The painting contains 108 small Buddhas, each one shining in its own unique colour. When one looks into the small mirror, which has its place in the middle of the painting, one more forgotten Buddha is revealed…

The great mystery

For this work I developed a unique technique using gold leaf combined with paints. The special procedure allows for the painting to change its appearance in a magical way depending on the reflections of the light. Accordingly, this also happens when the observer moves from side to side in front the painting. The animated reproduction of the painting shown here gives a glimpse of this effect.

Sacred mirror
180 x 108 cm
80 x 60 cm
120 x 100 cm
The Great Mystery
115 x 90 cm
Discovering the forgotten buddha
When I truly behold myself, I am emptiness
when I truly am emptiness, I behold the innate Buddha
all one, without beginning nor end

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